Creating a Resource List

Utilize the following instructions to create your own customized list of resources you find most useful through Here, you will learn how to search for services or programs, save them to a list, find the lists you have created, and to share these resources with others.

Follow the step-by-step guide below to save resources to lists.


Go to


Click LOGIN in the upper right-hand corner.


Click “Make it easier to access and share your most important resources. Sign up for an account”

You must provide an email address and password to create an account. Every other field is optional.


Once signed in, your search bar will say and your screen will display the following layout


In the “Search services or programs” box you can search by key words and names of organizations. You can also select a category listed below the search box.

In the “ZIP code, city, or address” box you can enter a location or parameter according to where you are located. You can also search by county or statewide by entering “Colorado”.


When you type into the service or programs search box, related services and suggested searches will appear in a drop down menu.


After hitting Search, the website will provide a list of services related to the keywords you entered within the location you provided. Things this page provides:

More specific search suggestions

Ex. Commodity supplemental food program, formula/baby food, food vouchers, etc

Number of results for the search

Ex. 109 results for Food Pantries

Map marking locations of each service


To save all the services on that page (results 1-25) to a list, click “Save all results on this page”.

To save specific results or services to a list, select Add to a List.


You will then be asked to either create a new list, where you will type the name where it says “New Resource List Name”, or to add to an already existing list by clicking “Select a list”, which will pull up a drop down menu of your saved lists.


From this screen you can:

  • Copy the link
  • Print the information
  • Email
  • Text message


To view your lists, click MY 211 ACCOUNT in the top right corner. Then select Resource Lists from the drop down menu.


Here you can view all the lists you have created. Click Open List to view the services and map. You can also share, delete, or rename the list.

Still have a question about creating a resource list?

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